Friday, February 05, 2010

Friday Bench (31):
Tenerife 2006

Four years ago we escaped the beginning of February and went to the warm climes of Tenerife.

This bench was in one of the shopping plazas in Playa de Los Americas. I have to admit now that it was the cactus I was taking a photograph of and I've cropped it so you can see the bench and the plant. I did a different crop excluding the bench but including a shop window on the other side when I published the photo Shopping Plaza Cactus along with others on my account of Tenerife & La Gomera.

My favourite benches discovered recently include Inverness Daily Photo's on Ness Islands, Misfit's in Liberty, Daryl's in Battery Park City, Steffen's in Stuttgart and AB's in Saarland.


  1. I've often thought I would like to visit Tenerife. Not likely to happen now. I recently read the life story of a missionary who began his work there in the 1800's It was much like the Pacific islands culture. Sorry, I don't remember the name of the missionary. Old age has eaten my short term memory. I'll probably remember it tomorrow.

  2. That cactus is amazing. I love that it stands in that pot - it's magical, it is!