Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday:
Ellie at Windy Harbour

Yesterday on Hyde Daily Photo I posted Hightailing it on Werneth Low.

As I explained there
Last week a friend, who regularly walks her dog on Werneth Low, took me up to Windy Harbour on the Eastern edge of the Low.
so here today is Ellie and her shadow.

Hereabouts a "Low" is a "high" place (compare with the Scottish "Law") and usually refers to a hump-backed ridge. Windy Harbour is indeed a windy place. "Harbour" means a place of shelter. Alas the old buildings here which afforded refreshments for a couple of centuries were demolished in 2000 and despite plans for a new building, it remains desolate.

For more shadow shots, visit Hey Harriet.


  1. what a fine specimen she is and a fine shadow she casts too - great shot!

  2. What a great shadow shot of the dog! She does indeed cast a beautiful shadow! Hope you have a great weekend, Gerald!


  3. The look of the dog and late winter shadow is beautiful. I cannot imagine that Ellie is immersed in Scottish law, but enjoys the day outside with wind - and lots of sun!

  4. Well hel-Low to Ellie and that shadow that seems to be dogging her! Isn't English an interesting language?? Happy SSS!

  5. Great shadow shot---and no leash! love a dog that behaves.
    Happy SSS to you.

  6. What a beautiful dog, as well as her shadow, is she an English pointer perhaps? She is certainly having a grand time!

  7. it's sad when they tear down old buildings and not replace it. Ellie seems to be in her own peaceful thoughts:)

  8. Poor Ellie looks so disappointed - she had her tongue out for some refreshments after all that wind, and they tore down the buildings! I am sure she was suitably rewarded when she came home.