Wednesday, March 03, 2010

ABC Wednesday
G is for Geirangerfjord

Today's photographs were all taken from the ferry which runs between Hellesylt and Gerianger. It was just a short section of our 2005 Cruise.

Many spectacular waterfalls descend the sides of the fjord. These are known as the "Seven Sisters".

On the opposite side is "Friaren", also known as "The Suitor".

To get an impression of their size, compare this photo of a yacht at the bottom of the falls with the one above.

Even more amazing are the tiny farmsteads that cling to the fjordsides. This is Knivsflå.

How anyone can reach these farms either from above or below is extraordinary.

This one is Skageflå.

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  1. Breathtaking photos! And I love the names of the waterfalls :)

  2. I may be somewhat partial to this post, but you ought to get paid by the Norwegian Tourist Authorities.

  3. what an extremely beautiful place! Those falls are so pretty, great photos of them!

  4. These pictures took my breath away. First off, there is a farmstead above the mountain who farmed in there? Second, the falls are so magnificent just looking at the yacht compared to the falls they are huge! I like the name of the falls seems like there is a legend or story behind those names. ^_^

    G is for Gold

  5. Amazingly gorgeous! The waterfalls are spectacular and the farms are surely interesting!

  6. I can smell the fresh air in these photo's.

  7. What wonderful scenes to see on your cruise!

  8. Always loved the fjords, though I know them only from photos.

  9. We visited Norway last June but I think we were further north than you. We traveled north from Bergen. The scenery is out of this world. We loved every moment of it and your photos show why.