Sunday, March 07, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday:
Ashburys Station

A few days ago I caught a train out of Manchester Piccadilly towards Glossop. It is an electrified line. Power is passed from the overhead cables to pick-up arms on the top of the train.

When we stopped at Ashburys station, I couldn't help but notice how the shadow of one of the pick-up arms fell so neatly on the platform fence.

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  1. The electrical apparatus leaves a stunning shadow on the fence. The electrified rail lines here have fences like this to keep the people at bay, but the fence leaves an artistic capture here.

    My SSS has a similar theme, electricity and the rails...

  2. Good geometric design in this shadow shot...albeit shocking!!!

  3. What a terrific shot, Gerald! It always amazes me how very normal things like electrical apparatus can leave such beautiful, elegant shadows! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  4. Hi Gerald,

    it lokks great, congratulation for that shot!


  5. I laugh at all of us..amazing how we start to notice shadows..
    Very nice picture..
    Happy SSS.

  6. Nice shot--funny how we notice shadows now during everyday routines.
    Happy SSS to you.

  7. Now I'm expecting a shadowy train to make it's way next to the pickup rail.

  8. Good one. I like how functional structures can leave interesting and beautiful shadows.

  9. We may not like too much mechanical landscape around us, but they certainly stir up some interesting shadows! Great shot!