Friday, March 05, 2010

Friday Bench (33):
Godley Hill

Today's bench is situated next to the Godley Hill War Memorial which you can see on Hyde Daily Photo.

My favourite benches discovered recently include Lois' in Tallahassee, Frederik's in Ystad, Robert's in Athens and Yvi's in Basel.


  1. Dear Gerald, thank you for this honour very much.

    With regard to your bench, I probably would sit me down upon its left end.
    Feels as if it did indeed see much "weight" during its life - may it continue to provide a short time in the sun's light.

    A wonderful Friday for you.

  2. Good morning Gerald,

    thx for link my blog.

    I love your photo!

    It looks like a very quiet place!

    Greetings and a wonderful weekend for you...

  3. This looks venerable indeed - is it placed outside a church? it gave me that feeling