Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday:
for Brenda Wade

A shadow falls across the grass.

At the other end of the shadow there are branches and flowers that bloom.

Above the flowers are other shadows.

These three photographs are crops from one I took a few days ago of the flower beds across the road from The Christie in Manchester.

Below is the whole picture.

I didn't venture to The Christie last week with any intention other than taking some photographs in the area. It was only later that I decided this photograph was capable of providing some interesting shadow shots for today's post.

We went out as usual on Saturday and on our return were informed that our dear friend Brenda Wade had passed away in the night. We have known Brenda for just the last twelve months and were only speaking to her two days ago. It wasn't cancer that took her in the end, but nontheless I am dedicating this post to her.

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  1. Beautiful pictures and a beautiful dedication. Nice to always be remembered..Happy SSS.

  2. Wonderful shadow shots and such lovely dedication! How very thoughtful of you! Hope your weekend goes well!


  3. The shadows and flora show us the look of life, the beauty of our friends and how their spirit is with us still. A lovely tribute!

  4. beautiful shots - and sorry for the loss that casts a real shadow over this post - lovely tribute
    (you have a tribute of a very different sort on my post today)

  5. Such a beautiful tribute! A sensitive, magical way to share the eternal spirit!

  6. Neat strong shadows marking a sad event - and growing flowers by which to be remembered.

  7. What a beautiful place, the shadows are lovely.

    So sorry for your loss, a lovely tribute.

  8. Lovely shots. I'm sorry for the loss of your friend.

  9. A beautiful shadowy tribute.

    Happy SSS!