Sunday, April 04, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday:
Pole Bank Hall

Two days ago my Friday Bench was from Pole Bank Hall.

Behind it was this large tree casting a huge shadow.

Blogger has done its occasional trick of rotating the image.

I usually circumvent this problem either by waiting for blogger to get its act together and eliminate the glitch or post the photographs in some other space.

Here however it looks quite fetching so I've left it as it is. You can see the whole tree and shadow the right way up on Hyde Daily Photo.

For more shadows visit Hey Harriet

A vintage view of Pole Bank Hall can be found on Old Hyde.


  1. Well, it's a great shadow shot, Gerald, in spite of being rotated!!! What is that all about I wonder??? I haven't had the problem -- yet, but who knows! Wishing you a very Happy Easter weekend!


  2. I like the surreal twist to this, inadvertently added by Blogger though it may be...

  3. That is so funny...we all have had our issues with blogger, wait till you run out of space and have to buy more shadow though and my neck is now back in place...thanks and have a wonderful Easter Sunday!!!

  4. The effect is very cool, to say the least. True, Blogger has its charms at times, but here our minds are lost as to what we may be actually looking at. The bright green and shapely shadow keep us looking!

  5. Whoa! I am no good with heights or slants. But it's OK - I just crooked my shonky neck and it looks fine. Maybe you'll start a trend!

  6. Oh yes blogger can be quite problematic with photos. But hey, I really like the vertical view too! Works for me! Have a great Easter weekend :)

  7. It looks good! Typepad's favourite trick is to stop aligning the photos in the centre halfway through a post!

  8. It looks nice the way it is - a bit surrealistic.

    PS The reason might be that the length of the photo exceeds the limit set by the template. Try reducing the width.

  9. I just came upon your blog and stopped for a minute to think. We live about 6 miles from Acworth but I just could not visualize if we went west where we would be, and my husband said “Alabama.” We live in Cobb County, which is northwest of Atlanta, Georgia. We live between Marietta, Kennesaw and Acworth. I guess this is a different Acworth…just kidding. Here is a site to the city of Acworth: I’d like to hear if it is like your Acworth.