Monday, August 23, 2010

XI Calico Cat Contest Entry

across the pond
to an unknown friend
fond kisses

© Gerald England

was my entry for the recent Calico Cat Contest where authors were asked to compose a haiku to complement Origa's sumi-e "Sympathy. Orang-utan and Lizard".

Rice paper 'Double Shuen', Japanese sumi ink, Chinese watercolours, Copyright © Origa .

is the Russian translation of my haiku.

The contest attracted 134 poems by 58 poets from 20 countries and mine didn't make the last 28 selected for the final.

The winning poem and comments on the winner and runners-up can be found at Results of the XI Calico Cat International bilingual haiku contest.


  1. Sorry you didn't get shortlisted. That was lovely.

  2. At least to me ought to have made it.

  3. I think it may have lost a little in the translation - a google back-translation seems to neglect the word "fond" - but no worries there were some excellent entries and this is the kind of competition where taking part really is more important than winning.

  4. Hi Gerald, thanks for the pear :)

    All haiku were judged by the originals not the translated versions, hence Russian translation doesn't effect my judging -- it was for the Russian-speaking public only :)

    Hope to see you in the next contest!

  5. Btw -- the word "fond" means нежные (the fiist word in L3).

    Don't trust machine translation -- especially with poetry translations! :)