Sunday, November 21, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday:
United Nations Tree

These shadows are mostly belonging to a tree planted in the Sir Winston Churchill Memorial Park at St Brelade by Sir Robert Le Masurier D.S.C. Bailiff of Jersey on 24th October 1970 to mark the 25th Anniversary of the Founding of the United Nations.

You can see the whole tree on my Jersey 2010 website where you'll find a selection of the best 55 photographs taken on our recent visit.

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  1. Ah, do love the rich green color! Not much of that around here these days! Beautiful shadows and a terrific capture! Enjoy your weekend!


  2. lovely lush colours in that shadowy field - quite lovely...

  3. Although I am loving our fall weather, your shadow shot makes me miss the high summer days gone past.

  4. Lovely tree shadows, it looks so cool and refreshing under the trees.

  5. Almost like a portend, shadows over the united nations park. When will there be accord in this the world?

  6. What a lovely shot! It looks you still have a wonderful & sunny weather where U had.
    I am envious… as we are now soon winter in Sweden.
    Your shots are really cool & love the greenery...

    Have a happy day & happ SSS…

  7. Beautiful, cool green shadows - most restful to the eyes.
    (By the way, the Joan in my post inspired an allusion to a tall young lady playing tennis - she was over 6' - but I don't think she was Miss Joan Hunter-Dunn.)

  8. The green colours are wonderful - so fresh. And what a magnificent old tree. I really liked the Bayside Gardens. Great shot of the lighthouse. The one of the horses would make a good wall poicture.