Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ABC Wednesday
R is for Reddish South Station

Originally Reddish South station consisted of two island platforms with four tracks. One of these track beds has been sold off, while another has been filled in. The second island is now inaccessible as there are no longer steps down to it. According to the 2007/8 National rail figures, Reddish South had only 47 entries and exits in a 12 month period, making it the UK's least used railway station.

Reddish South together with Denton railway station on the Stockport to Stalybridge line are famous for having one train a week (the "Denton flyer") in one direction only. This means they are technically still open.

Most maps of the Greater Manchester Rail Network do not include Reddish South and Denton.

The "Denton flyer" is what is known as a "Parliamentary ghost", a train that operates a Parliamentary service - that is to say a token service to a given station, thus maintaining a legal fiction that either the station in question is in fact open, whereas in reality the train operating company in question has almost completely abandoned the station. These services run at all only because rail transport is heavily regulated in the United Kingdom and it is therefore considerably cheaper for a train operating company to run a parliamentary service than it is to go through the full legal process of applying for a station or line to be permanently closed.

Network Rail, in their Route Utilisation Strategy (RUS) for the North West, were proposing closure of Reddish South and Denton stations and withdrawal of the remaining passenger service. The line itself would remain open for freight and diverted passenger workings. However, a new open-access operator called Grand Union had proposed using the line for services between London and Bradford via the West Coast Main Line, using Guide Bridge station as a stop. This proposal has since been dropped.

Friends of Reddish South Station have been running a campaign to bring more passenger trains onto this line since 2008. The object of the campaign is to secure a frequent service running between Stockport and Manchester Victoria.

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  1. I really dislike seeing the rail system slowly disappearing. It is doing the same here in the US too. Great photos of the stations.

  2. Train's the best way to travel, and exc in the Northeast corridor is neglected in the US.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. Wonderful photos. I'd like to see more trains, fewer autos...these images feel so peaceful.

  4. I remember riding a train when I was a youngster, it was my first time on the train, and such a nice way to travel. In my later years we took a day tours on a trains, which was fun. At the end of the line there was a restaurant, where we all got refreshed and headed back down the track and home.

  5. I believe that train is the best way to travel.. when on land. Here in the Philippines, we have Metro Rail trains.. but only in Luzon. Philippines is made up of 3 main islands.. Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.. And we have trains, but only in Luzon. How I wish that there are trains in the Visayas regions..

    The roads are full of cars and buses.. traffic and clouds of smoke.. I really wish our government would give attention to train transport, too..

    Hmm.. anyway, these are great shots. Here's my entry for ABCW. Hope you could visit, too. =)

  6. It sounds like our buslines. In some areas they were disappearing fast until one person claimed to be using that particular line and the line stayed open. With nobody on board.

    I hope that trainline stays open though, I love travelling by train. You get to see things you wouldn't see from the road!

  7. I really like traveling by train, but I must admit I don't often get a chance to do it. I wish the Friends of Reddish South Station much luck in their mission.

  8. I take the train to go to work everyday! It's much more convenient than taking the car and being stuck in the motorway! And what's more you avoid polluting the air;o)
    Here in France, lots of train stations are abandoned too! and that's a pity!
    Thanks for sharing your very nice photos and interesting post;o)

    Have a nice day****