Wednesday, February 09, 2011

ABC Wednesay
D is for Disruption on Droylsden Road

I've missed a couple of weeks having been busy getting to grips with a new computer, but I'm a bit more sorted again now.

This is Droylsden Road, Audenshaw from the top deck of a #216 bus from Ashton under Lyne to Manchester, last September.

A new Metrolink tramline is being built through Droylsden. For part of its route the trams will run down the middle of the main road. The construction is therefore causing much disruption.

I did have this and another photograph from further down the line earmarked for the M post last round but chose to go with something else on the day.

You can see more of the disruption in my photograph on sithenah.

For more information on the line itself see

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  1. Hope they will finish the line soon so the traffic ca float nicely ;)

  2. Disruptions on the roadways seem the same no matter which continent one lives on.
    Sometimes I wonder if the highway near us will ever be finished.

  3. disruptions in the roadway and the computer
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. thanks for sharing,
    it is a good thing to have something new built near your place.

  5. Life = Disruption... I better get used to it! HaHa

  6. nice choice! Check out my ABC Wednesday entry too. Thanks! have followed your blog.

  7. Just think of how much better it will all be when done.