Sunday, February 13, 2011

Anchor Bridge, Brighouse

Last Monday on my way to Mabel Ferrett's funeral, I stopped off in Brighouse for an hour.

I wandered around the town taking a few photographs whilst waiting for my next bus. This is the Calder & Hebble Navigation from Briggate looking at Anchor Bridge.

It was only when I later downloaded my photographs onto the computer that I noticed the large congregation of ducks assembled between the bridges.

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  1. Ducks always love a free feed - maybe thats where 'workers and shoppers' toss the remains of their lunch.

  2. It is always such a treat to download photos and then find something in them you were not expecting to see. The ducks look to be quite happy. Everything about this shot is attractive and appealing to the eye right down to the folk strolling along the waterside.