Wednesday, August 10, 2011

ABC Wednesday: D is for
Disruption in Droylsden

Back in February I brought you Disruption on Droylsden Road due the laying of the new Metrolink tramline from Manchester to Ashton under Lyne.

These pictures were taken one day in June. The 216 bus was stuck at the traffic lights. I'd just alighted from the bus a moment before.

This was the view behind me showing the state of the tramlines being laid along the road. After alighting the bus I had time to take a few photographs and re-board the same bus before it was able to set off again.

This last shot was taken from onboard the bus and shows work ongoing in the town centre. If newspaper reports are to be believed it would seem no-one in Droylsden wants the Metrolink whose construction has disrupted the town to the extent that business have closed. They are very dubious of the so-called benefits which they feel will accrue mainly to folk passing through rather than stopping in Droylsden.

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  1. Growth and change don't always equate to better, do they. But then, I rarely believe what newspapers report now! :) Excellent photos...

  2. Thats always the case isn't it? Here in Bangalore, India too Metro has disrupted the traffic flow. But as they say todays pain is tomorrows gain (for some things of course)

    Pheno, ABCW Team

  3. great photos of a bit of a mess - I am being kind i hope. LOL

  4. Love the sky and bus in the first photo. At least they are making progress, from the news the one in Edinburgh seems to have no end.

  5. necessary disruption, i reckon
    ROG. ABC Wednesday team

  6. We've had lots of Disruption around here to as various new schemes for Chippenham come to fruition :(

    I wonder if you can help me? I'm updating my photography with some links which I think are long overdue. I'm trying to track down the originator of Friday Bench. I think it was Runee? I know the originator didn't run it as a full blown meme, but seeing I'm still doing them (and people are emailing me with ones they've found), I think due credit is needed.

    I know you also championed other people's contributions when you were posting your benches, so I'm also intending to link (if I can) to the search results to Friday Bench on here :)

  7. Interesting post. I wish they'd tear up our streets and put in some tram lines!

    This reminds me of a time years ago in Los Angeles. My dad was part of a funeral procession...he suddenly realized he was out of gas...traffic was so bad, he was able to pull off into a gas station, put some gas in the car, and pull back out into the funeral procession and it continued on its way. :-)

    Nice to hear from you again!