Monday, February 06, 2012

Denton Mural

Last Monday was cold but with a bright low sun. I took this photograph of the crocuses peeping their hands above the grass in Victoria Park, Denton.

In doing so I also captured the shadows of a tree thrown against the Denton Mural. The mural was painted on the wall of Denton Pool facing Victoria Park in 2000. It was conceived by David Vaughn and commissoned by the Denton Town Twinning Association. It serves to commemorate both the second millenniumm and the continuing friendship between the people of Denton and Montigny le Brettoneux.

To view the whole length of the mural one has to walk to the other side of the flowerbeds across which stretches the shadow of another tree.

At this distance and with the light falling directly on to it the detail is difficult to discern. At a later date I hope to take a series of closer shots. For now you can see an enlarged view of the central portion on my photoblog sithenah.

This is a contribution to:
Shadow Shot Sunday
Monday Murals at Oakland Daily Photo
and ABC Wednesday


  1. It's amazing just how bright low light can be! But such light casts awesome long shadows like this one!

  2. The tree shadow in the top photo almost appears to be a part of the mural. The little crocuses peeking up are cute. :)

  3. I love how the shadow of the tree brings out the mural in that top picture!

  4. I miss this kind of scene!
    Regards and best wishes!

  5. These are beautiful shots! Thanks for joining SS2!

    Brass Kettle Shadow.

    Have a blessed Sunday!
    Rose, SS2 Team

  6. When confronted with murals like the one you photographed, I content myself with little sections. I find it really frustrating to try to capture the whole thing!


  7. That is some special shadows - Great photographs. I love how you have "catch" the tree's shadows on the wall.

  8. The link of the close-up suggests the mural looks at the history of your area. I even spotted a reference to Seurat. His he associated with your twin city? Thanks you for participating in Monday Murals. Hopefully you'll show us more close-ups of this expansive mural.

  9. The top shot looks as though a figure is trying to hide in the tree shadow!
    Jane x

  10. Nice shadows and crocus' peeking above the grass.

  11. Actually, the best thing IS the tree shadow.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  12. Beautiful photos. Thanks for that you share with us. Have a nice week. Greetings from Romania.