Sunday, February 12, 2012

Return visit to Southport

There is an old bridge over the Marine Lake at Southport. When we were there last year we looked across the lake from it towards Funland. If you are energetic you can hire a rowing boat and explore the lake using elbow power. Alternatively you could take the leisurely way and board the paddle steamer Southport Belle. Do click on the photogarph to enbiggen it so you see more clearly the landward section of Southport Pier with some benches on it but no-one walking thereon for some reason. Behind it is the start of the newest bridge across the lake - you can see a car crossing it.

The Marine Way Bridge was opened in 2004. We can see the Southport Belle just disappearing underneath it. There seems to be a lot of pedestrians on the bridge. The reason for this is that the landward section of the pier was closed. There was a hole in it. Read the story of the hole in my post of September 7th 2011.

So having crossed the newest bridge we were in time to see that rowing boats or paddle steamer are not the only way to get on the lake - you could choose an exhilarating ride on a jet-boat. Here it is shooting under the Marine Way Bridge towards the pier.

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  1. What spectacular pictures of my old stomping ground :)
    Southport was my choice for day's out, especially when I had my first little car, and just enough money for petrol, getting me there and back from Warrington.
    My dad used to take us there, just for a Knickerbocker Glory along the prom, catch a Punch and Judy Show if we were lucky !
    Wonderful memories, they've all come flooding back looking at your pictures !
    Thank you,

  2. I definitely like the newer bridge and the more modern look. It looks like a pretty area for boating. Happy Sunday!

  3. The new bridge is quite a fine piece of architecture, but I tend to lean towards the older one. It is such a pretty spot, and looks like it would be a fabulous place to go on holiday. genie

  4. The new bridge is quite handsome.
    You are on a roll today, contributing three bridges to «Louis'» 100th Sunday Bridge Series post!

  5. THe bridge has an interesting architecture to it.

  6. Shame they haven't fixed that hole yet, but in the meantime, it's good that there's an alternative route!