Wednesday, April 18, 2012

No Dogs

I'm just back from a week at St Annes or St Anne's on the Sea - it is quite acceptable to spell the name with or without an apostrophe or even as St Annes-on-Sea with hyphens and no "the" in the name.

Name pedants are not welcome; nor are dogs on the beach from the 1st May until the 30th September. The sands stretch out from here a long way. On the right is the slipway for the lifeboat.

A contribution to ABC Wednesday and to signs, signs.


  1. (Thanks for apologising for the captcha, Gerald - if people do that and explain that they need it I comment - if not I tend not to bother because I am partially sighted.)

    That's pretty unkind on the poor dogs and their owners - especially those that live locally. I think some of our local beaches (on The Wirral) have done that now.

    I've never been to St Sea on Anne's and don't think I'll bother.

  2. Guess in the summer dog walkers have to head inland.
    Joy - ABC Team

  3. I'm sure dog owners would find a way later on to band together and petition to have dogs allowed here.

  4. Poor dogs are going to be out of shape by the time they get to go for a walk again ;>)....It's a lovely beach.

  5. Hard on the dogs. I was in St Anns last September - a pretty place.

  6. I suspect it's because SOME dog owners didn't take care of their dog'
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  7. What a splendid place. So it can be either:
    St Annes
    St Anne's
    St Annes on Sea
    St Anne's on Sea
    St Annes-on-Sea
    St Anne's-on-Sea
    St Annes on the Sea
    St Anne's on the Sea
    St Annes-on-the-Sea
    St Anne's-on-the Sea
    And can you also miss the 'e' out of 'Annes'?

    And what about Lytham St Annes?

    1. No you can't miss the e off. St Annes and Lytham are two seperate places. In the 1920s the Urban District of "Lytham St Annes" was created. The current "Fylde Borough" covers Lytham, St.Annes-on-Sea, Weeton, Little Eccleston, Treales, Newton, Clifton, Singleton, Kirkham, Wesham, Thistleton, Freckleton, Elswick, Warton, Staining, Wrea Green and Westby.

  8. If people would just carry a plastic bag from the crookery store and a scoop, we could do away with these signs. Sadly they are never going to take the time to do that unless there is fine involved. This sign definitely gets across the point. genie

  9. It is nice to have the beach dog free for part of the year. and that they can run free in the off season.