Saturday, February 01, 2014

The Rochdale Canal at Castlefields

In the Castlefields area of Manchester, an arch of the Castlefield Viaduct crosses the Rochdale Canal.

Reflected in the canal is part of Manchester's highest building, the Beetham Tower.

The canalside is home to Canada Geese. A ramped walkway leads down to the towpath.

Looking back from the towpath under the viaduct which carries the mainline railway through Deansgate. On the right is a former railway line now converted to carry the Metrolink Tramway.

A contribution to Weekend Reflections and Scenic Weekends as well as Sunday Bridges at San Francisco Bay Daily Photo.


  1. hee hee... «Louis» made an error in the previous comment!
    Let's try that again:
    What artful shots, Gerald! You captured the nice geometry of the bridge and the reflections in the water very well! «Louis» liked the links, too. He thanks you for linking this with Sunday Bridges. :-)

  2. Wonderful water reflection of a nice bridge...Very well captured...

  3. I am so fond of England's canals and dream of boating on them...beautiful reflections as well.

  4. That is a very nice one and made fron cast iron in the victorian time if I am right. Pity those skills are not existing anymore. Thanks for showing.

  5. As I wrote..very nice photos...Bridges are one of my favourites object...

  6. Bridges are one of my favourite things, too, as long as I don't have to walk across the high ones. These are beautiful reflections.