Sunday, April 10, 2016

Callander Haiku

Cover photo © Angela Topping

One of the latest publications from diehard press is CALLANDER HAIKU edited by Sally Evans. No it isn't a monthly calender but an anthology of haiku based on the Scottish town of Callander.

photograph © Gerald England

Many of the haiku are by poets who have attended the annual Callander Poetry Weekends hosted in September each year at the King's Bookshop.

Light in the bookshop
Sets each gilded spine aglow
against jewelled colours of hide

Angela Topping

L-R: Margaret Gillies Brown, Ian Blake, Andy Robson, Elizabeth Rimmer, Gerry Singh and his wife, Sally Evans, Colin Will, Christine England, Maureen Weldon, Sally James.
Photo © Gerald England

My own contributions are from the 2005 weekend and were published alongside reports of the event on the Poetry Scotland website. Although no longer live it can be accessed via the Internet Wayback Machine archives.

photograph © Gerald England

clack clack of hens
breeze through the garden
a poet speaks

Charlie Gracie

photograph © Gerald England

level bowling green
a perfect square -
too hot to play

Colin Will

the pavement
is at war with the trees
roots are winning

Christine England

photograph © Gerald England

ISBN 978-0946230-93-8
Price £5 (including postage) from
diehard at the Callander Press
Kings Bookshop
91-93 Main Street
FK17 8BQ


  1. Wonderful photos. I hope you come to the weekend again. I'd love to meet you. Thanks for quoting one of my haiku.

  2. thanks for this lovely piece, Gerald, part happy memory and part present haiku book. The price has now been set at £4 so a fiver in an envelope to the address above would cover one post included.
    Thanks again Gerald!

  3. I run a stanza group in Cheshire, in Hartford where I live, if you fancied coming. I can add you to the Facebook group.

  4. Beautiful shots, Gerald. The name of the town has traveled- there's a Callender here in Ontario.

  5. Thanks Gerald, I found poems including yours on the link to the Wayback Machine, which is (once again) something new to me.

  6. Oh I love the photo of that outdoor poetry reading...that looks like heaven.

  7. The bookshop looks nice, and so do the other images too.