Wednesday, July 23, 2008

ABC Wednesday - A is for Adamson Band

The voluntary wind band was established in 1888 and is based in Dukinfield.

On June 20th 2008 they led the procession at the Gee Cross Well Dressing ceremony.

Photos of the 2008 wells can be seen on Gee Cross Well Dressing 2008.

There is also a short video of the band leaving the Grapes Inn to climb Joel Lane.

Another photo of the band Reflection in Silver is on my photoblog.

The band is also featured on my collection of photographs from the 2006 Well Dressing.

Further information on the band can be found on the Adamson Military Band website.

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  1. i wonder how the chap wearing the leopard skin feels about his costume...

  2. Thanks Hyde...will give it a bit of time. Just feels a bit strange not getting into the ABC Wed. thing today.

  3. I forgot to come over here as well. Still getting used to the new system, but I love the new blog and thank you and everyone else involved for the work you have put into it.

    Love brass bands - I always marvel at how they manage to continue playing so accurately whilst marching. A real feat in itself.

    Thanks for looking at the name. Hope it didn't seem "nowty" of me - people call me various things (worse still, I answer!) but the Cath is definitely a C. ;0) Thanks.

  4. A voluntary band into its third century. That's quite something.

  5. Gerald,
    Nice "A".
    You asked about which of my blogs would be more appropriate for ABC Wednesday. That would be:


  6. People in voluntary bands have a lot of fun.

  7. People in voluntary bands have a lot of fun.