Sunday, October 07, 2007

Ovenden Moor Wind Farm

In a post about Knott End on Sea, I included a photograph that showed some wind turbines in the distance. Following some comments to that post, I dug out this photograph from 1999 of Ovenden Moor Wind Farm.

I was up there again in 2001 and took this picture. Another picture taken the same day is on my Out & About site. You can view the location on Photospots, or watch a 360º panorama on BBC Bradford & West Yorkshire.

According to the e.on uk website the 23 turbines generate 9.2MW of power.
The wind farm ... in operation since June 1993 ... is owned by Yorkshire Windpower Limited, a 50/50 joint venture between E.ON UK Renewables and Energy Power Resources Limited (EPRL). Situated 440m above sea level, the turbines are set out in two lines forming a 'V' shape, to make best use of the prevailing south westerly wind. Ovenden Moor Wind Farm generates enough electricity to meet the average domestic needs of over 5,00 households, saving approximately 21,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions — roughly the same emissions that would be produced by 2,000 people each travelling 165,000km by train! On top of that, it also saves 91 tonnes of sulphur dioxide and 30 tonnes of oxides of nitrogen emissions annually.
I won't go into the arguments for and against these things. Of course they alter the landscape but landscapes have always altered. The old coaltips were blots on the landscape but they are all gone now and the land reclaimed. The few old pit-heads that remain are being preserved as industrial heritage.

Lynette has an entertaining post about the day a wind turbine blade was trasnported throuhgh Portland.


  1. Thanks for these photos and the information on the wind farm. I myself find the wind turbines pleasing to the eye. Here's the link to my wind turbine blade post, in case you've got time to take a look.

  2. Interesting post. I have joined the anti nuclear lobby in South Africa as there are plans afoot to develop one on our door step. There is too much nuclear contamination around the world for me to accept this. I believe wind generation could be a viable alternative.

  3. Gerald, hi, take a look at comment left for ABC Wednesday

  4. Great information on the turbines. When I pass by the turbines in our area, sometimes they are not turning due to no wind. Do you have this problem? I like things that save energy.

  5. I love the wind farm. It looks somewhat alien yet makes so much sense.