Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fairground Organ

A fairground organ visits Gee Cross Fete most years.

I first saw it in 1999.

It was there again in 2000

and in 2001.

We missed the fete in 2002 [it probably poured down with rain!].

2003 was a grand year. I posted a cropped version of the above picture at Gee Cross Fete 2003

It may have been there in 2004 but if so I didn't photograph it.

In 2005 we missed the fete as we were on a cruise to Ireland, Greenland, Iceland & Norway.

In 2006 there wasn't a "fete" as such, but a "fun day". I'm not sure if the organ was there.

It was certainly back though in 2007.

Photographs of the 2003, 2004 and 2007 fetes can be seen at Gee Cross Fete

The impetus for this post was an email from Jim Miller, Louisville, KY USA who wrote
I am curious about the photo of the organ with wood pipes from your 2003 fete at Gee Cross. It appears as though it is much smaller than one would guess due to the drum in the upper part. Any information would be greatly appreciated. As a pipe organ builder, things such as this interest me. Thanks and congrats on some great photos.
I know nothing more than is contained in the above photographs, so if anyone has any information to add, please let us know.


  1. From the photographs, the organ looks the same. Did it play music or was it there for display only?

  2. That's quite a package inside that truck.