Monday, May 05, 2008

Footbridge at Chester

This month's contribution to Broer som Binder (Bridges between) finds us in Chester. The pictures above and below were taken in September 2004 from a boat on the river Dee. Beyond the bridge lie the Recorder Steps.

The Queen's Park Suspension Bridge connects The Groves with the affluent Queen's Park area of Chester.

It is the only footbridge to cross the River Dee in Chester. The original bridge was built in 1852.

Chester Corporation took on the responsibility for it in the 1920s and decided to demolish it in 1922. It was replaced by a new bridge designed by Charles Greenwood, City Engineer and Surveyor. The opening ceremony, conducted by the Mayor of Chester, Councillor S.R. Wall, took place on 18 April 1923. It was superbly restored in 1998.

This third photograph was taken in October 2007 from the Recorder Steps.

You can see another picture of the rowers here.

A full list of participants to Broer som Binder can be found on Runes TX-blog.


  1. Beautiful bridge... and beautiful nature...

    Nice monday to you.

  2. I don't have to swim over this water I can walk over this bridges. :)

  3. That was a beautiful contribution! Very nice to see that the take so good care of the bridge - it is part as much par of our background and history as anything else.

    PS I may even have walked across it in 1999...

  4. The bridges over your way seem to be much more attractive than the ones over her!

  5. What a beautiful Bridge,and the surroundings lookes nice too.

  6. This seems to bee a good looking bridge, I'd rather use the bridge than swim when it's cold.....
    Nice pictures.

  7. Beautiful pictures of a wonderful bridge. :)
    Charles Greenwood did a good job. :)

  8. Great photos, background, history and scenery.
    Good job,

    My bridge is built.
    Come visit,

  9. Nice bridges;) and a beatuful nature!
    Shit, my english;9But u understand;)

  10. Wow, it's beautiful. Good place for photography

  11. Great bridge photos and history!
    Good post.

  12. Beautiful photos of this bridge and wonderful history too!

  13. This is a beautiful bridge and in good shape after all these years. I wonder if it sways if it gets windy.

  14. I love the second picture - it looks royal!

  15. Beautiful pictures!!! Love your bridge...