Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Bench (22): Nuuk

This week's bench is a follow-up to my earlier ABC Wednesday and Shadow Shot Sunday posts.

Outside the Atuagkat bookshop you can stop and help yourself to a steaming cup of coffee gratis.

My favourite benches discovered last week include Marley's in Cheltenham, VP's in Bath, Dimple's in an office and Sylvan Muse's at Houghall.


  1. A perfect place of respite after looking at books all afternoon.

  2. The bench in surroundings with such history gives room for thought.

  3. A bench outside a bookstore is always a good spot. Who can wait to look at the latest finds?
    Interesting rocks out front. They could be benches, too.

  4. A bench, books to browse and free coffee...

    ...what could be better?

  5. Bookstores should always have free coffee and benches outside!