Wednesday, December 16, 2009

ABC Wednesday - V is for Voting

As in the previous three years, it is now time to vote for the Best of Hyde Daily Photo 2009.

There are twelve contenders.

Readers may cast six votes distributed in any manner they choose. You can give all six to a single photograph, one vote to six different images, or divide them between two, three or four pictures.

The thumbnails above are merely representative crops of the full sized photographs which can be found at Best of Hyde 2009, along with a voting form.

Please use the form to vote. Votes given in comments here will not be counted.

The results will be published in January 2010.

For more V posts visit ABC Wednesday.


  1. My very favorite is the ladies at the table. I also love the bottom right hand corner one : ) You take great pictures!

  2. #1 - bottom left
    #2 - bottom right
    #3 - top left

    2 votes them all, tho'

  3. Perfect time to cast a vote!
    I shall pop over to the voting blog...

  4. I voted.

    Must say I LOVE that weighted voting process! seems quite fair.

  5. I'll pop right over to cast my vote!

  6. I have my favorite already..gonna vote later. Thanks for sharing!

    My ABC

  7. Oh no I've got to make a decision, tricky. Will pop over later to cast my vote.