Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Bench (30):
Vernon Park, January 2010

One of the first benches I posted in this regular series was this one in Vernon Park, Stockport.

It was a return visit having featured it in January 2009.

Then it was a cold day and icy but there was greenery all around. When I visited this January there was snow on the ground, all deep and crisp and even.

My favourite benches discovered recently include Luna's in Barcelona, Janet's in Ferney-Voltaire, Per Stromjo's in Stockholm, Dina's at the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve and Joy's in South Cumbria


  1. I like the bench, but I like the snow even better. The blues and the footprints -- nice.

  2. mysterious shape under the snow in the background.

  3. Winter seems to be a common theme this Friday for benches.

    It's a lovely shot of the bench in the snow with the footprints.

  4. Gerald,

    I just found your comment about me while surfing the internet and I am pleased!

    So glad you liked my bench.