Monday, October 28, 2013

Taking the Cure at Blackpool

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Adelphi Street leads to the staff entrance to the Winter Gardens.

On the end wall underneath the poster advertising its attractions is a mural by street artist id-iom in collaboration with My Dog Sighs - see photos on the artist's blog

It was created as part of a free Urban Art Festival organised by Sand, Sea & Spray

The title and text of "Taking the cure" refers to the Victorian pastime of coming to Blackpool to bathe in the sea as it supposedly had healing qualities.

(click on image to view full size)

I took the first photo on our visit in June which would have been just a few days after its completion.

I took this closer view in September and it seems the title has been erased.

When I researched this earlier I discovered a post somewhere that said some people had associated the title with drugs but I can't seem to locate the reference now.

A contribution to Monday Murals.


  1. Interesting how language can be interpreted in different ways. Title or no, I like the mural

  2. Great little post! Our mural is to be updated as we somehow managed to ruffle some feathers with our 'Taking the cure' text so it was adapt it or have it buffed. As you rightly point out the text referred to the Victorian pastime of 'taking the cure' - being to bathe in the sea for healing/medicinal purposes, which Blackpool used to be famous for. It's even mentioned on their Wikipedia entry but the Man doesn’t see it that way. Apparently we were making a drugs reference. Hopefully the less contentious updated version will be completed soon.



  3. I like it! Too bad about the lost reference to history.

  4. That is so neat that the artist replied to your post in a comment!! Makes me feel I've rubbed elbows with the famous! That's crazy that 'taking the cure' was thought to refer to drugs. There are still some old-fashioned hot water places like that here in the US that were thought to be panaceas for whatever ailed you...I don't think anyone thinks that any more but it still feels wonderful to soak in them....